Welcome Q4-2017 Video Students!

Please pile your backpack outside along the wall and find your computer/partner assignment.  Here are the initial partner and computer assignments. One partner should log in, open Chrome, and go to video.mrcoward.com.

Computer 1: Cameron and Alex – intervention, phenomenon, priority, suspend, transmit
Computer 2: Essien and Brian – abandon, frivolous, contemporary, dramatic, exploit
Computer 3: Phoebe and Brooklyn – assault, abuse, trigger, distort, physical
Computer 4: Trinity and Ben – isolation, confinement, system, mental, solitary
Computer 5: Naya and Sophia – decade, incompatible, temporarily, unify, violation
Computer 6: Evan and Caillou – analyze, factor, function, interpret, structure
Computer 7: Tatiann and Taryn – guideline, mature, ambiguous, due, status
Computer 8: Nick and Jalen – complexity, culture, element, resourceful, tradition
Computer 9: Gavin and Clay – design, feature, impact, potential, transfer
Computer 10: Amelie and Kalani – considerable, contribute, demonstrate, sufficient, valid
Computer 11: Sabrina and Emmalyn – access, civil, despite, integrate, promote
Computer 12: Brian and Bridget – attribute, interest, project, relocate, statistics

Get logged in, go to the Projects Page and get started.

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